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What would life be like without curiosity?

June 15, 2023

How curious are you? Can you walk past a closed door or do you just need to find out what is behind it? Are you keen to explore the world or learn something new? If something has a note on it saying ‘don’t open’ – do you ignore it and take a peek? Have you thought what life would be like without curiosity? We’ve all heard the saying……. Curiosity killed the cat…..but satisfaction brought it back! Ben Johnson It’s time…

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6 ways to stay connected to YOU
Discover Yourself

5 ways to stay connected with YOU

Staying connected in life means more than the obvious social connections. Studies have shown that staying connected with Family, Friends and your community brings many health benefits and is an important part of healthy ageing. COVID-19 has certainly taken it’s toll and now as…

September 6, 2020