Getting to know me…


Hi. I’m Sue!

I’m a woman on a mission to build a community of Women Living Well After 50 and making the most of life. As a Certified Life Coach, Health & Wellness Coach,Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer,  I help Women 50+ to live life on their terms!

I live in Brisbane, Australia with my husband, Mike. We have a blended family—we both have two beautiful children each, two gorgeous grandsons on my side, and three wonderful grandchildren on my husband’s.

Although your personal circumstances are, of course, different from mine, I already know that we have so much in common.

As women 50 and older (I’m 60+), we want to be happy, healthy, fit and fabulous. We crave a sense of purpose in the last half of our life, and also plenty of relaxation and fun.

I started this blog in my late 50’s because I believe that age is just a number.  And I proved it to myself by starting running at age 50 and completing my first full marathon (42.2 kms) when I was 55. 

I  love running and didn’t discovered this love until the age of 50 when I was encouraged to start running with a group of women half my age.  I have now completed three full marathons starting in my mid 50s completing my fourth in October 2021 at the age of 64, proving you are never too old.

In 2020 I fulfilled a dream of starting the Conversations with Women Living Well After 50 podcast interviewing and sharing stories from women who are Living Well.  The first season was released in August 2020 with Seasons 2 and 3 now well underway.

And now, I’ve passed the 60 mark, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing –running, working out with my husband, or working with Women 50+ to achieve their goals —I embrace an ageless attitude. I am intent on wringing every bit of enjoyment out of this wonderful time of life.

I’ve been there: 

Feeling Like I had No Purpose, Lacking Self-Esteem & Direction, Unfit and Feeling Dowdy, so I completely understand if you are finding that Midlife & Beyond is not all rainbows and unicorns.  Fighting against ageism when I tried to apply at 57 to gain my certification for Group Fitness and Personal Training – I was told I was too old.  At 63 I applied again and gained the two qualifications.

I would love you to read How I regained my Fitness After 50, because it shows I understand and that if I can do it, anyone can.

And I’m just as intent on helping you to do the same. 

My purpose is to help and encourage women in midlife to reach their full potential by living with an Ageless Attitude, Getting Active and Living a Healthy Lifestyle.

‘Dream, Inspire & Courage to create Harmony‘. We all have Dreams. I’m here to Inspire you to achieve them.  We need to have the Courage to step out of our comfort zone to achieve our dreams and create harmony in our lives.


Are you living life your way?  Can’t get started?  Let’s arrange a free 15 minute chat to get you on the path to being a Women Living Life Your Way.


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I’d love to hear your ideas, thoughts, or topics you’d like me to explore. Let’s age positively and realize our full potential together.

Welcome to Women Living Well After 50!