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Discover Yourself After 50

You are an Over 50s Woman and want more from your life.  You have become  an ’emptynester’ or you are starting to take a step back from your career as you work towards Retirement or as I like to call it ‘The Lifestyle Change’.

But over time you have lost YOURSELF – THE REAL YOU.

She is still there but has probably taken a back seat for many years.


Discover Yourself and redefine who you are as a woman who is living life her way and on her terms.  On this page you will fine motivation and inspiration to re-discover yourself or perhaps discover a whole, new, wonderful woman who has been dormant for too long.

Discover Yourself Micro Mondays

Overcoming ‘guilt’ when life is going well for you

March 14, 2022

Life has certainly been challenging for everyone, especially over the last few years. We’ve had to deal with the COVID pandemic, bushfires, the recent floods in Queensland and NSW as well as coping with news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The media has also reported three heart attack realated deaths in a week of prominent Australians – Kimberley Kitching, (52) a senator in the Australian Parliament, Rod Marsh (73) and Shane Warne (52) both huge names in the world…

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