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Overcoming procrastination – Strategies to help you start the new decade with a clean slate

December 10, 2019
Overcoming Procrastination

Do you procrastinate? You need or want to do something but keep putting it off. You start to feel guilty because you aren’t ticking off the box as completed and it starts to morph into something that you just can’t or don’t want to deal with. Sound familiar? Procrastination has come to visit me lately as I work through my studies for my Fitness Certification. You may have read about my struggles in Sometimes You Just Need a Kick up…

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Mindful in May Challenge - Week 1
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Mindful in May Challenge – Week 1

You may have read in my recent post May is Mental Health Month  that I have taken up the Mindful in May Challenge,an online mindfulness program which also raises funds to bring clean water to those in developing countries. Each day I will be…

May 10, 2018