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Wellness Warriors make Strong Healthy Women

April 28, 2019
Wellness Warriors make Strong Healthy Women

If you read my blog regularly and have participated in #ActiveApril you would have heard about Strong Healthy Women under the direction of Peta Gillian.  Today, I’m introducing three lovely ladies who are ‘Wellness Warriors’.   I asked each of them what being a ‘Wellness Warrior’ meant to them and you can read their responses below. I love that these ladies have come to Fitness and Healthy lifestyles during Midlife and are great ambassadors for showing that it is never too…

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ChiBall and Keeping Active After 50
#ActiveApril Health & Wellness

ChiBall & Keeping Active After 50

Debbie Harris from Deb’s World is one of my closest blogging friends. A fellow Aussie, we live in different States but in January we were fortunate enough to meet in real life and it was like meeting someone I had know all my life.…

April 14, 2019
Keeping Fit Over 50
#ActiveApril Health & Wellness

Keeping Fit at the Senior Cits

I’M BASICALLY A BIT OF A SLUGGARD Before we start talking about being active, I have a confession to make. Unlike Sue (the Queen of Fitness), I’m a bit of a lay-about. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a sleep-in, time on my laptop,…

April 7, 2019
#ActiveApril Health & Wellness

#ActiveApril Week 2

Well we made it through Week 1 and I was motivated and inspired by all of you who are taking part in #ActiveApril. The focus during my Facebook Live Videos was on learning the benefits of exercise, how Food Diaries can help and also…

April 6, 2019