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Hi, I’m Sue Loncaric. It is so wonderful to have you join me on this exciting journey to become Women Living Well After 50.

As women 50 and older (I’m 60+), we all want to be happy, healthy, fit and fabulous. We crave a sense of purpose in this next exciting phase of life, and also plenty of relaxation and fun.

My passion is helping and encouraging women in midlife to reach their full potential living a healthy & active lifestyle ‘living life their way’, on their terms.

I’m making it my mission to build a community of Women Living Well After 50. Embracing life, supporting, encouraging and inspiring each other to make the most of each day.

Are you living life your way? What is holding you back?

I can help you overcome the barriers to start living a life you want and deserve.

If you are struggling with Midlife the ’empty nest’, not sure of your direction in life or you need feel healthier and more active, then I’m here to help. The website will provide resources as starting point to enable you to be inspired and motivated to live your best version of YOU.

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Are you Over 50? Are you Living Well? Living a happy and contented life means being healthy and active. It also means living a life that serves us well in all areas. Join the Women Living Well Facebook Community to discover ways to embrace life After 50 with enthusiasm, fun and laughter and LIVE WELL!

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