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Will you commit to making one change in 2020?

December 28, 2019

In my previous blog I asked if you were Ready for 2020 – A New Year and New Decade – a perfect time to make some changes in our life. No, I’m not talking about New Year Resolutions (read why here) but life long changes. Changes that will improve your quality of life and lifestyle. Ways to assist us in Ageing Well and Living Well to soak up as much out of life as we can.

During the week I posted in the Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond Facebook Group the question :

What is one habit you would like to change in 2020?

I had several responses including:

  • ‘I’m a bit of a procrastinator Sue. Planning to work on that in 2020 – Jennifer
  • I’m going to try and worry less about things that really matter. I’m pretty proud of the fact that resolutions I made the last two years I’ve stuck too. So here’s hoping I can do the same with this one.‘ – Marilyn
  • “ if you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it then change how you see it” . I need to do that! said Christine who had shared this quote.
  • I’m retired and tired – I need to really refire and do more. I need to do more – exercise, drink more water, get out with friends more, write and create more art. – Bev

We all have goals to achieve or habits we would like to change but making a start and sticking to them isn’t easy. Back in May, the theme of the blog was Microstepping in May where I shared ideas to take microsteps towards achieving your goals.

Sometimes we just overwhelm ourselves with too many goals or trying to make too many changes all at once. All I’m asking is for one! Once you have achieved that then you can move on to the next.

In my Microstepping in May post, I described Mini Habits as explained by Stephen Guise, in his book ‘Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results’ . Stephen states that he started his fitness journey with one push up.

The idea is to start with a mini habit, a very small positive behavior that you force yourself to do every day; its “too small to fail” .

Photo courtesy of Power of Positivity

Let’s work together to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Why not let me help you?

Starting January, In the Facebook Group, I’ll be asking participants to check in each Friday with their progress in making changes to the habit of their choice or the goal they are working towards. No judgement – just encouragement and support to help you. I will be your cheerleader as will the rest of the group. Cheerleaders are there to support and encourage us!

I will also be writing blog posts, FB group posts, sharing quotes to help you stay motivated and tips on how to keep moving forward.

So what do you need to do?

1. Select one goal you want to achieve or habit you would like to change

2. Commit to this, write it down and put it on your mirror

3. Join the Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond – Let’s Thrive Facebook Group and be an active participant in sharing your thoughts and progress and at the same time inspire others in the group.

Will you commit to one goal or changing one habit in 2020?

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  • Reply Denyse Whelan December 28, 2019 at 18:19

    Looks like I am first in! My change has already begun and it is to be more grateful. Gratitude, as per the research (see Dr Robert Emmons and Dr Martin Seligman) is the single most powerful thing we can show/be to help ‘heal our lives’ and change the ways in which we respond and react. I am committing to being grateful each and every day and writing about that in the 366 day A5 diary I bought today. It will be the subject of my first blog post in 2020. I am not a fad person and it took me quite some time to be convinced that “gratitude” was not that at all. Recently I have listened to the audiobook called The Resilience Project by Australian Hugh Van Cuylenburg where he writes of the importance of “G.E.M.” Gratitude, Empathy and Mindfulness. It seems like the time is right for me to do this. I am also looking forward to sharing more and seeing what else you and your readers decide to change. Thank you Sue. Denyse

    • Reply Sue Loncaric December 29, 2019 at 06:50

      You are so organised Denyse and obviously committed to being more grateful. Sometimes I feel that many of us just give it lip service and it loses it’s ‘punch’ because there is so much use of the word ‘Gratitude’ in social media. However I’m looking forward to sharing this commitment with you and hope you will also take part in the Facebook group. Best wishes to you, your husband and family for a healthy and happy 2020. xx

  • Reply Debbie Harris December 29, 2019 at 06:40

    Sounds like a great plan Sue, I’ll be joining in! Happy New Year to you and your family xx

    • Reply Sue Loncaric December 29, 2019 at 06:48

      Thanks Deb and look forward to you joining me. Best wishes to you and your family for the happiest of New Years. You certainly have much to look forward to. xx

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