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What Is My Next Move Approaching Retirement Living?

August 9, 2015

Where to live in RetirementAn important part of Planning Your Retirement is looking at options of where you want to live.  We need to ask ourselves the question ‘What Is My Next Move Approaching Retirement Living?

Sometimes we want to downsize to an apartment, stay in our own home or look at other alternatives.  A friend of mine, Christine Hallet, has written this post based on personal experiences.

If you are looking at your Over 55 Lifestyle options then you will find some valuable information in Chris’ post.

As we all approach our sixties and over, this question pops in and out of our head often.  The problem being whilst the body feels over sixty the mind says ‘I’m find and still have plenty of time to approach this matter’.

Unfortunately nobody knows what is in store for them or just around the corner. Many circumstances can end up on our doorstep without us being ready for it.

I think in my humble opinion that the old Scout motto “Always be prepared” is one we should not ignore. Preparation and guidance will always be a better result than ignorance because we do not wish to think about it.

Anybody who has had to make these decisions for anybody else will know exactly what I’m talking about.

In reality, investigating your own future where you think you’d like to live will always be better than somebody else thinking they know what you want.

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You must investigate for your area where you would like to go, how does this affect my finances and of course actually go and see some of this facilities as they will come as a very pleasant or not so pleasant surprise.

I have been involved in a number of relatives that have made no arrangements and then had an accident, e.g. broken hips etc. that then leaves you with no choice. Hospitalisation for a problem for people of a certain age can send shock waves to the family when informed that this relative can no longer look after themselves. If on a pension and not a home owner then options become very limited.   Certainly when the hospital says it’s time to go you will be given perhaps three choices and if they’re not to your liking you run out of options.

If you are a home owner, your financial side will come into it.

I would strongly recommend a site on the internet: www.agedcareguide.com.au , it covers all states, that will answer your questions regarding costs, availability, (just because you put your name down somewhere and you are offered a room or bed, it does not mean you have to accept immediately.) Saying you’re not ready yet does not take you off the list. On the other hand if you are not on any list, you’re in trouble. It reduces any options dramatically.

There will be things that need to be discussed with professional people, Enduring Power of Attorneys, what you can and cannot do if the person involved is not willing.

It is never something pleasant if you are not prepared. Do your homework not matter what age.

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