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Week 2 #100happydays Review

November 14, 2015
Be happy

Be happy

Week 2 #100happydays challenge and I am pleasantly surprised at the happiness I find in each day.

I am learning through this challenge that you CAN find happiness each day even when you don’t think you will.

Day 8: #100happydays

The sky is grey and it is breezy on the coast. What to do? Enjoy a day off lunching with my darling of course! This was my treat day and I splurged with this huge burger!  Lucky I have P.T. tomorrow.

Day 8 #100happydays

Day 9: #100happydays

My darling and I have been at the coast for 10 days. We came home today and my husband gave his mum (nonna) a big hug. She had missed us!

Day 9 #100happydays

Day 10: #100happydays

The beauty of nature. This magnolia is so beautiful. It is growing in my daughter’s garden and I just love the pure white colour.  Of course all flowers make me happy!

Day 10 #100happydays

Day 11: #100happydays

Sometimes a girl just has to spoil herself! I’ve been feeling a bit low so a visit to the hairdresser was sure to life my spirits.  I always say that my one luxury in life would be to have a personal hairstylist.  Off I went and left feeling like a new woman plus I also splurged on these ‪#‎kevinmurphy‬ hair products feeling happy!

day 11 #100happydays


Day 12: #100happydays

I found this business card for the Il Condor restaurant on my desk. It brought back happy memories of our time in Rome my favorite city. We visited the restaurant nearly every night of our stay and on our last night they presented us with a bottle of wine such lovely, warm and welcoming people. I feel so grateful and happy that I have had the experience to travel and meet new and interesting people.

Day 12 #100happydays

Day 13: #100happydays

I am so lucky to have this beautiful beach on my doorstep.  We went for our usual morning walk along the esplanade and the water looked so inviting.  Lots of people around this morning as the weather is gorgeous. I love spending time with my darling husband and what a place to share quality time. The ocean always makes me feel happy and so does my darling!


Day 13 #100happydays

Day 14: #100happydays

Who wouldn’t be happy looking at my gorgeous grandson, Ethan ‘talking’ to his best friend?  My grandson has captured my heart and brings me so much joy.  He is such a character and his ‘best friend’ or ‘big sister’ #WallisthePooch (would you believe she has over 1,000 followers on Instagram!) are so funny when they play together.  In this photo Ethan would lean into Wallis and laugh and Wallis would bark her hello!  So much happiness I am so lucky.

Day 14 #100happydays


What has made you happy this week?


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