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Let’s have a coffee & catch up for September

October 4, 2020

Spring has arrived and although the early mornings and evenings are still cool the days are warming up. I love Springtime because it fills me with anticipation. Nature is starting to bloom and one can’t help feeling good despite the year of COVID-19! Do you make time to journal or keep a record of what you do each month? I’ve just revisited writing the coffee catchup posts and realise they are a great way to document what activities I’ve been…

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Health & Wellness

How to be Positive for a More Meaningful Life

We all experience stress, anxiety and depression at some point in our lives.  For some these feelings are only temporary but for others it goes deeper and requires the assistance of medical intervention. In my post Why We All Need A Mental Health Day,…

November 17, 2015
Recovery Rest Nurture
Health & Wellness

Why It is Important to Have Fitness Recovery Days

Starting a new fitness program can be exciting and challenging.  You are inspired to start training and may even have chosen an event as a goal to train for.  Exercise and fitness is important to our health and well being, however, learning to listen…

September 14, 2015