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What’s On Your Plate? My traditional Festive Baking

December 1, 2021

It’s that wonderful time of the year, decorations are being hung and you can just feel the magic of the season weave it’s way into your heart. The Festive Season is such a lovely time of year and I enjoy every moment of it. I remember as a child, being involved in the baking of the Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding a yearly tradition with my Mum. We each had a stir for good luck and in those days sixpences…

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Making Memories through Baking

I’ve discovered that my two grandsons love baking. Ethan (E1) is 7 years old and Elliot (E2) is 3. Children have a wonderful gift of helping you to Live in the Moment, don’t they? During the last school holidays and a recent sleepover with…

August 4, 2021