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Action for Happiness: Altruistic August

August 3, 2022

This week I received my regular email from Action for Happiness with the link to their monthly calendar. I wanted to share as it is a perfect topic for my Wellness Wednesday posts. Showing kindness to others is not only a benefit to the recipient but also to you. Studies have shown that there are positive health benefits as a result of Acts of Kindness. We experience an increase of seratonin in the brain, a chemical that acts as a…

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Wellness Wednesday Mid Year Review
Over 50s Lifestyle

Wellness Wednesday Mid Year Review

June is a good month to review our progress for the year. It is halfway through the year and the perfect time to reflect on the goals we may have set way back in January and determine how we are tracking or whether our…

June 11, 2019
Creating a self-care plan for life
Over 50s Lifestyle

Creating a Self-Care plan for life

The end of another year is fast approaching and we will be looking to a New Year and the usual resolutions. I stopped making Resolutions because for many of us our good intentions last a month, if we are lucky, and then fall by…

December 12, 2018