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Real Health & Weight Loss – Dr Lucy Burns

November 28, 2022
Real health and weight loss

Weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to avoid chronic illness is vital to living well, however, it isn’t always easy to stay on track is it? In this episode of the Women Living Well After 50 Podcast, my guest is Dr Lucy Burns, a general practice and lifestyle medicine physician. Dr Lucy discusses her own personal struggle and provides valuable information on how we can achieve real health and weight loss. Listen to the Podcast Meet Dr Lucy Burns…

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Health & Wellness

How fast is your ‘internal speedometer’ going?

Metabolism – We’ve all heard the word especially related to weight loss. You’ve probably also said to yourself: “My metabolism is slow”, “her metabolism is fast that’s why she is so skinny”. But do you really understand what the metabolism is and the 5…

August 9, 2020
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The Power of Determination

 Welcome to Number 4 in my Series of Blogs About Inspirational people in my life.   Determination can achieve so much.  Once we make the commitment and find the determination to carry it through we can achieve anything we put our minds to. In this article…

March 18, 2015