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Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Yourself #7 – Hydration – Your body needs it!

July 14, 2016

Number 7 in my Simple Ways to Rejuvenate yourself is Hydration and why you need to keep your body well hydrated.  Now I know that may seem a little boring and simple but it is an important part of keeping us healthy, feeling and looking great inside and out.  Rejuvenation is holistic – mind, body and spirit so keeping our body healthy is a must. Why Water?  You may ask Well…. Here are a 10 benefits of drinking water and…

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Kickstart your day with lemon in water
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Want to kick start your day? Drink Lemon Water

It seems at the moment everywhere we turn, lemon in warm water is being promoted.  I have actually heard about this years ago however have never tried it.  Our personal trainer, recently suggested that a glass of lemon juice in warm water first up…

May 8, 2015