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Reducing Stress: Knowing When to Step Back and How

July 9, 2019
Reducing Stress

We are halfway through another year and most of us are getting the ‘mid year blues’ starting lose the spring in our step and dreaming of a more balanced lifestyle. Reducing Stress and knowing how to manage it is important for our overall well-being. This month, make it a priority to take time for yourself. Everyone has physical and mental limits, and have likely experienced hitting those limits.  Here are some ideas to try when your mind is in overdrive…

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A New Way To Relieve Stress?

Have you tried different ways to relieve stress in your life? There are the usual proven stress relievers such as meditation, exercise, catching up with friends, taking a holiday, reading, jigsaw puzzles.  You get the picture. How about trying something different but something I’m sure you have…

July 20, 2015