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A 15 minute morning stretch routine for Living Well

May 2, 2021
A 15 minute morning stretch routine for Living Well

It is Mental Well-being in May at Women Living Well After 50 so let’s start by giving some love to our body,mind and spirit with a short stretching/yoga style session for Self-Care Sunday. I love how my body, mind and spirit feels when I stretch and do a yoga practice. Balance and flexibility as we age is so important for functional fitness and to maintain bone strength. We need to keep or bodies strong to Be able to bend down…

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Becoming fitter & healthier After 50
Health & Wellness Vlogcast

Becoming fitter & healthier After 50

Like many of us, turning 50 can mean taking a long hard look at our health and discovering that perhaps we aren’t where we would like to be. Menopause, weight gain which seems to creep up on us, loss of muscle strength, and years…

April 28, 2021
Basic strength training program
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Basic Strength Training Program

  In my previous post “Why We Need To Do Strength Training” I talked about what Strength Training is and why it is so important to include as part of our exercise regime.  I started Strength Training seriously about 2 years ago and the benefit…

August 2, 2015
Include Strength Training in your fitness program
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Why We Need To Do Strength Training

Strength Training should be a part of our regular exercise program at any age but especially as we head into midlife and beyond.     What Exactly Is Strength Training? Strength training is also known as Resistance or Weight Training and no, you don’t…

July 30, 2015