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R.I.P. 59 – Embracing 60

August 2, 2018
RIP 59 - Embracing 60

Have you reached 60?  Are you excited about it or are you being dragged kicking and screaming? I celebrated this milestone birthday last year and I couldn’t wait.  That sounds weird, but because I’ve never identified myself by my age, it was exciting to be reaching a new decade.  My guest this week, on the Over 50 & Thriving series, is Trisha, an author who has written a book ‘Embracing 60’.  The book is due for release at the end…

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6 steps to find balance in your life
Health & Wellness

6 Easy Ways to Restore Balance In Your Life

Want to Restore Balance In Your Life? How do we find Balance in Our Life?  We work, have family and social commitments. Life is hectic.  Balance isimportant for those still working or raising a family or even retired. My six steps can be adapted…

February 9, 2015
Over 50s Lifestyle Blog for Women Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond
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Let’s Sizzle with Sue from Sizzling Towards 60

Welcome to Sizzling Towards Sixty!  So Let’s Sizzle! Welcome to Sizzling Towards Sixty!   I’m Sue from Brisbane, Australia –  a woman of a ‘certain age’ (although I think I’m still 30) and instead of Struggling towards the BIG 60, I’m going to Sizzle! I’ve…

February 1, 2015