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Making TIME for the most important love of all

February 14, 2023

Valentine’s Day, a day devoted to Love, although for me (and many of you), I question why we need one day each year to be reminded to show love. Shouldn’t that be every day? I am very fortunate to be surrounded by love – from my husband, my children, my grandchildren and my friends (IRL and online). I also know that the special people in my life, know how much I love them because I show them each day –…

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Discover Yourself

World Kindness Day 2022

13th November is World Kindness Day 2022 which started back in 1998 to encourage us all to promote kindness throughout the world. It is an annual event and this year the theme is ‘be kind whenever possible‘ or as the Random Acts of Kindness…

November 13, 2022
Cultivating Self
Discover Yourself

Cultivating ‘Self’

This week, I am delighted to be a guest writer for my very good friend, Leanne from Cresting the Hill. Leanne and I have been blogging for over 5 years now and it is so lovely to be able to build friendships in the…

March 2, 2021
Nourish your senses
Over 50s Lifestyle

Nourishing our Senses each day

As you would have read, I’ve been taking a break from blogging whilst supporting my husband after the loss of my dear mother-in-law in late October. It has been a difficult time not only for our loss and adjusting to life without this delightful…

November 27, 2020