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Walking your ‘I AM’ path

July 5, 2020
The importance of 'I AM' Affirmations

‘I’m not this’, ‘I’m not that’ . We all have that negative voice, our mean girl, in our head who consistently tries to pull us down. She eats away at our self-confidence and prevents us from moving forward in our life. I’ve written often about the ‘mean girl’ who tries to take over the conversation in our heads, so I was interested to learn of ‘I Am’ statements as a way to combat negative thoughts. I first discovered ‘I Am’…

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Sometimes you just need that ‘kick up the butt’

I write regularly about being authentic, true to yourself and self belief. I’ve helped others build self-confidence so why have I been feeling less self-confident lately? Do you have times when you are riding high, you feel great and full of confidence only to…

November 23, 2019