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Being the ‘meaning’ of your life through ‘Self’

May 16, 2021
Being the meaning of your life through SELF

I love Sunday mornings!  It is the one day of the week where I don’t have to get out of bed early and I can take my time easing into the day.   Sunday morning is a time I set aside each week for Me. I don’t rush, I enjoy a cup of coffee, give myself a 20 minute facial, a yoga practice for flexibility and to calm my mind and connect to my spirit and then I let the day unfold.  Sundays…

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Healing through Self Compassion
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Healing through Self Compassion

We show compassion and care for others, so why is it so difficult to show ourselves compassion when we need it? My guest in conversation is Maria Paterakis, The Future Proofing Cousellor and Mentor. In this episode, Healing through Self Compassion, we discuss: What…

May 12, 2021