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The Courage to Tell Your Story

October 11, 2020
The Courage to tell your story

We all have a story to tell, some stories are more difficult to tell than others. Telling our story can be cathartic and perhaps make a difference in someone’s life who may have experienced the same situation. My guest author today is Diana Raab Phd, who shares her story, why you need courage to tell yours and how to start writing your own story. The Courage to Tell Your Story My passion for writing began more than five decades ago.…

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The importance of 'I AM' Affirmations
Discover Yourself

Walking your ‘I AM’ path

‘I’m not this’, ‘I’m not that’ . We all have that negative voice, our mean girl, in our head who consistently tries to pull us down. She eats away at our self-confidence and prevents us from moving forward in our life. I’ve written often…

July 5, 2020