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Move it or lose it – don’t let COVID lockdown be your excuse

January 13, 2021
Move it or Lose it - don't let COVID be an excuse

We all know what we should be doing regarding exercise or moving our body (which sounds like less work 🙂 ) so as part of my January theme, Review and Reset in 2021, I thought it was time to remind ourselves of the importance of moving our bodies. Yes, challenges will always present themselves – COVID-19 & Lockdown restrictions, inclement weather, ‘not in the mood’ the list goes on. But you are only kidding yourself if you keep saying ‘I’m…

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Lessons learned in 2020
Discover Yourself

Lessons learned in 2020 to grow in 2021

I’ve started 2021 with the theme of Review & Reset 2020 both here on the blog and in the Women Living Well After 50 Facebook Group. The idea for this theme, came about when I started a short course called Simple Steps to an…

January 8, 2021
Review and Reset 2021
Over 50s Lifestyle

Let’s Review and Reset in 2021

Happy New Year! It is January 1st a New Year and a blank page in your life for you to write your 2021 story. You know that I love learning so I’m currently taking a short course with Mel Robbins called Simple Steps to…

January 1, 2021