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Discover Yourself Over 50 & Thriving Series

Over 50 & Thriving: How Experiencing Tough Times help us to Thrive

June 8, 2018

    I recently wrote about how being resilient in life helps us to Thrive.  My next guest in the Over 50 & Thriving series has proven her resilience by facing up and conquering tough times in her life.  Jennifer Jones, from Next Phase Fitness has certainly had her fair share of tough times.  But as she writes in her contribution to the series, she believes that we have to work hard to thrive – it doesn’t just happen. Today,…

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Mother's Day

What is the Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give?

    For the last few months I have been to be writing articles for ‘The Seeing Me Project’ a great initiative set up by Millers Fashion.  Millers is a leading Australian fashion retailer and the aim of ‘The Seeing Me Project’ is to…

April 23, 2016
Health & Wellness

6 Ways to De-Stress in 30 minutes

It’s been one of those days or weeks!  Everyone wants something from you, nothing seems to be going right and you are feeling like you are JUST OVER IT!  All you want to do is escape from the world and try to relax.  Does…

February 12, 2016
Life is short
Discover Yourself Relationships

Don’t leave important words unsaid

I’ve taken this week’s #FridayReflections writing prompt to look at a photograph.  I had cause to look at some old photographs during the week and the memories came flooding back. We all make choices in our lives – some good and some not so…

October 17, 2015