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4 ways to succeed through Emotional Agility

May 5, 2019
4 ways to succeed through Emotional Agility

What is the #1 reason why we fail to make positive changes in our life? Keep reading and I’ll reveal the answer and see if you guessed correctly. #Microsteppingingmay is all about working towards making change happen by taking small steps each day rather than attempting to scale the mountain in one leap. Making changes in our life can be daunting and there will be times when we just can’t do it. We fail and then fall into a loop…

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Be a Woman of Influence – Be a Role Model

This week was International Women’s Day a day to celebrate the achievements of women with our sisterhood.  I was listening to a radio program who asked the question “Which Woman has had the most influence in your life?”  They were then going to interview…

March 9, 2016