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Discover Yourself Make It Happen 2020

Time to Hit the Start Button and Take Action

January 24, 2020
Take Action

Last week, in the Make It Happen 2020 Challenge, I wrote about the ‘Scarcity Mindset’ and using the Two Minute Rule and Microsteps to break down our goals into manageable pieces.   Let’s recap on what we have covered so far in the Challenge: Step 1 – We Defined Our Goal, Our Dream that we want to realise in 2020 Step 2 – We worked on Letting Go of our Limiting Beliefs using the resource table provided Step 3 –…

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Festive Season 2016
Festive Season

Festive Season 2016 – For all things Festive

It is almost the Festive Season 2016, that time of year when the end of another year seems to be hurtling towards us.  This year I’ve compiled my Festive Season Collection 2016 – for all things Festive.  These are posts all related to the…

November 13, 2016