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Designing Your Signature Retirement

March 15, 2020
Signature Retirement

Retirement. Some of us have arrived, others are almost there and some aren’t even thinking about it. Recently I’ve written on the subject of Retirement. In particular, I asked the question ‘What does your version of Retirement look like?’ and also asked Are you Suffering from Retirement Regret? In my post How to Create your Signature Self-Care Cocktail I discussed the idea that as individuals we all need to find what works best for us. There is so much information…

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Ageing Well Over 50s Lifestyle

Living your best life Now!

Are you living your best life now?  If you want to age well, you need to seriously give this question some thought before we answer.  If your answer is YES, then fantastic!  If your answer is NO then YOU CAN CHANGE THINGS. Today, I…

August 8, 2019
Get Your Mojo Back and Thrive!
Over 50 & Thriving Series

Get Your Mojo Back and Thrive!

Lost your Mojo? Find yourself at the crossroads of life and just don’t know which way to turn? The good news is that You can Get Your Mojo Back and Thrive! I’m very excited to introduce my next guest in the Over 50 &…

May 29, 2019