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New videos added to the Resource Library

April 4, 2020
Resource Library

Staying at home is no excuse for not staying healthy and active. I’ve added three new videos to my Resource library which you can do easily at home and you don’t really need any gym equipment. Remember: Don’t try any new form of exercise without medical clearance, especially if you haven’t exercised for a while or you have healthy or injury issues. I’ve put the links below to my: Home Workout 5 exercises for toning arms and back Gentle Stretches…

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Keeping Fit Over 50
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Keeping Fit at the Senior Cits

I’M BASICALLY A BIT OF A SLUGGARD Before we start talking about being active, I have a confession to make. Unlike Sue (the Queen of Fitness), I’m a bit of a lay-about. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a sleep-in, time on my laptop,…

April 7, 2019