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Something to Treasure – The Last Gift from My Mum

March 4, 2016
last gift from mum

One of the writing prompts for #FridayReflections, a blogging group I belong to, was to write a post  about something in my home that has been handed down to me.  I needed to describe it, take a photo and tell the history and meaning of this item. Another option for a writing prompt was free writing so I could have taken the easy way out and selected that but when I started thinking about what to write, I remembered I…

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All I want for Mother's Day

All I want for Mother’s Day is……

  Another Mother’s Day and the age old question of ‘what do we buy for Mum?’ Retailers, are bombarding us with catalogues of gift ideas and children (& Dads) are trying to work out what to buy.  It is another stressful time filled with commercialism,…

April 10, 2015

Mother’s Day – A Letter to my Mum

  With this year’s Mother’s Day approaching, I thought I would write a letter to my Mum and dedicate this post to her.  So much has happened in the last 29 years since I saw her. Some things she would be happy about and…

April 10, 2015