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Are you living life YOUR way? (or trying too hard to Please)

July 18, 2021

I’ve just finished a book by Cathy Kelly, ‘The Family Gift’ as well as Jane Eyre which I’ve been reading with my book club.  Two totally different books but I enjoyed both.  I’ll be writing more about my review in my monthly ‘What’s on my bookshelf?’ post at the end of July.  In the meantime I’m always interested in what others are reading so feel free to drop me a comment or reply to this email with any books you recommend.…

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Living a Vibrant Life
Over 50s Lifestyle

Living a Vibrant Life at any age

When you read this post, where do you find yourself? Are you having your morning coffee and wondering what you are going to do today? Are you dreaming of a life of travel and excitement? Do you wish you were healthier and had a…

October 22, 2020
The art of transformation
Discover Yourself

The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women

I’m delighted to be included as a partner in promoting this new book. I’m happy and grateful to share with you something I think is amazing! Twenty inspiring authors have collaborated to share their beautiful stories of transformation and purpose – all so you…

October 20, 2020
4 ways to succeed through Emotional Agility

4 ways to succeed through Emotional Agility

What is the #1 reason why we fail to make positive changes in our life? Keep reading and I’ll reveal the answer and see if you guessed correctly. #Microsteppingingmay is all about working towards making change happen by taking small steps each day rather…

May 5, 2019