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Ageing Well, Living Well – Feeling good in your own skin

February 2, 2020
3 simple tips for Ageing Well & Living Well

Are you constantly dieting? Struggling with weight and self-esteem? An important ingredient to Ageing Well and Living Well is self-love and acceptance. If we don’t love the person we are, then it is difficult to gain respect from others and more importantly to be happy and contented. We’ve all been there and many of us still have self-doubt and lack self-confidence which can hold us back from living a fulfilled life. My next guest is Kathy Marris, from 50 Shades…

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Midlife Share the Love Party - 113
Midlife Share the Love Party

Midlife Share the Love Party 52

Thank you for your continuing support with the group and I look forward to Wednesdays to read your latest contributions.Before we start, please read the guidelines so that you understand the focus of the party.WE ARE TRYING TO FOSTER A SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY SO PLEASE…

February 6, 2019
Mother's Day Classic 2018 in Pictures
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Mother’s Day Classic 2018 in Pictures

It’s Mother’s Day 2018 and for me that means starting my day running in the Mother’s Day Classic in Brisbane.  I run the event each year with my daughter, in memory of my Mum, who lost her battle with breast cancer 32 years ago. …

May 13, 2018