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Melbourne Cup Fashions 2019

October 27, 2019

Spring is here in Australia and that means that the Spring Racing Carnival including the famous Melbourne Cup is just around the corner.  For many, the Melbourne Cup is more about Fashion and Lunches rather than the actual race, so I’ve asked Christine Blundell from Style at Savvy 60 to give us some tips on fashion and accessories. Melbourne Cup Fashions 2019 It’s that time of year again to be thinking of what to be wearing for the Spring Racing…

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Dressing Mindfully
#MAKINGMARCHMEANINGFUL Fashion Over 50s Lifestyle

Dressing Mindfully

I was thinking about Mindfulness and ways we can be more Mindful in our everyday life. As I was looking in my wardrobe, I wondered if that was actually being a mindful moment? I asked Christine Blundell from My Private Stylist & Sizzling Towards…

March 17, 2019
Why going grey is your choice
Over 50s Lifestyle

My journey to the Silver Side

Do you colour your hair or have you gone ‘au naturale’? The stereotypical mature woman is no longer someone who looks like our grandmothers (no offense to our grandmothers).  We are grandmothers ourselves, but are showing the world that we are certainly still vibrant,…

July 25, 2018