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The #MicrosteppinginMay Plank Challenge

May 24, 2019
#MicrosteppinginMay Plank Challenge

We are into the last week of #MicrosteppinginMay. Have you made any microsteps towards your goal or achieving healthier habits? I hope you have been inspired by my guests and posts to work towards making changes in your life one step at a time. Let’s do a challenge to finish the month stronger and healthier! The #MicrosteppinginMay Plank Challenge Each day this week, join me to build our core strength one plank at a time.  Start holding a plank for…

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Microstepping in May
#MicrosteppinginMay Over 50s Lifestyle

Microstepping in May

May is almost here! Can you believe it? Only yesterday it seems we were making our New Year’s Resolutions and looking forward to making changes in our lives. If you made resolutions, how are you going with those? If you haven’t made much progress…

April 28, 2019