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Festive Season Over 50s Lifestyle

5 daily tips to take the stress out of the Festive Season

December 13, 2023
WOTY 2022 Reflection

Hello everyone! How is your week going? Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed at this time of year? The Festive Season can sometimes be the opposite of joyful, especially if you are hosting events. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way and you can still enjoy the experience with a few daily tweaks to help you stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. Remember the Festive season is a time for joy, love and peace and you deserve to…

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Over 50s Lifestyle Vlogcast

Exercise Your Happiness Muscle

Why is it that some people seem happier than others? Are they born happy, or have they made a practice of it? Evidence from the emerging science of happiness tells us that although genetics account for 50% of our happiness quotient, 40% comes as…

July 24, 2023