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WOTY 2021 – have you chosen one?

January 3, 2021
WOTY 2021

This meme showed up on my friend’s Facebook Page and I enjoy trying to find the words in these types of posts. I studied the image and immediately saw LOVE, GRATITUDE, CONNECTION and HEALTH. I also shared this in my Women Living Well After 50 Facebook Group and it was interesting to see some of the answers from members. There was quite a variety. Why not try this for yourself and share the four words you see? In a previous…

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The art of transformation
Discover Yourself

The Art & Truth of Transformation for Women

I’m delighted to be included as a partner in promoting this new book. I’m happy and grateful to share with you something I think is amazing! Twenty inspiring authors have collaborated to share their beautiful stories of transformation and purpose – all so you…

October 20, 2020