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Zooming in & putting the focus on your life

November 15, 2021

This week’s #lifethisweek prompt is ‘Zoom’ so I decided to make this the topic of my latest Micro Monday Episode on the Women Living Well After 50 Podcast. You can listen to the full episode by clicking on the link below: Now what comes to mind when you think of ‘Zoom’? I would safely bet that since early 2020, we would automatically think of the service we all turned to, to stay in touch with family and friends during the…

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Over 50s Lifestyle

Questions to ponder

This week’s prompt for #lifethisweek, hosted by Denyse Whelan is Question. Each week in my Living Well Letter to subscribers, and also in my Micro Mondays Podcast, I ask a question to ponder. A question that will encourage my readers and myself to take…

August 2, 2021