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Me from 'M' to 'Z'
Over 50s Lifestyle

Me from ‘M to Z’

Last month I participated in a prompt from Denyse Whelan Blogs entitled Me from ‘A to L’ if you missed it you can catch up here. Now it is time for the second half of the alphabet and there were a few harder letters…

June 11, 2018
'E' is for Embracing life
A to Z Guide to Thriving in Life

‘E’ is for Embracing Life

  So far in my A to Z Guide to Thriving in Life, I’ve discussed: Attitude and Auditing your life The Importance of Inner Beauty Conquering Change The benefits of Disconnection and unplugging from Technology If you have taken on board some the points…

April 5, 2018
Chronic pain
Health & Wellness

How one woman overcame chronic pain to enjoy life

  Chronic pain can be dibilitating and prevent us from enjoying life, but today I introduce you to a woman who hasn’t let pain stop her from living her life and providing inspiration. Recently, I participated in the Forever Fierce Campaign 2018 and introduced…

February 28, 2018
Summer Bucket List
Over 50s Lifestyle

My Summer Bucket List Update

  Summer has been hot in Australia with some areas reaching over 40C.  Rain has been scarce although we had some spectacular storms around New Year.  Where I live in Brisbane, Australia the skies are a glorious blue with sunshine each day and my…

January 21, 2018