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Just ‘Be’ – Living Life Your Way in 2022

January 2, 2022

I’ve just read my friend Donna from Retirement Reflections’ post about her Word of the Year and I think the word she has chosen is perfect for us all. It is usual for this time of year to see many posts and articles about selecting a Word of the Year (WOTY) to guide you and to give you a focus for the year ahead. Listen to the Podcast Episode Each year from 2016 I’ve chosen a WOTY and I’ve usually…

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Over 50s Lifestyle

Wrapping up November from the Gold Coast

For me, once we celebrate my son’s birthday on 20th November, I’m in the mood for the Festive Season. However, let’s wrap up November in a nice little package with a bow. I’m just selecting the highlights of the month from different areas in…

December 5, 2021
Over 50s Lifestyle Vlogcast

Fifty First Dates After 50

Dating after 50 can be a daunting prospect. My next guest in conversation is Carolyn Lee Arnold, author and social science researcher. Carolyn drew upon her 30 years as a social science researcher and 10 years as a relationship workshop assistant to create the…

November 11, 2021
Over 50s Lifestyle

Questions to ponder

This week’s prompt for #lifethisweek, hosted by Denyse Whelan is Question. Each week in my Living Well Letter to subscribers, and also in my Micro Mondays Podcast, I ask a question to ponder. A question that will encourage my readers and myself to take…

August 2, 2021
I cannot imagine...
Over 50s Lifestyle

I cannot imagine….

This week’s writing prompt for #lifethisweek, was Cannot. At first, I wasn’t really sure what to write but then after reading my friend, Deb from Deb’s World post, I was inspired and the prompt was so obvious! So here is a very short post…

January 25, 2021
Positive Energy
Discover Yourself

Where are you placing your energy?

Recently, during a conversation with my friend and fellow blogger, Erica from Behind the Scenery, she mentioned that her focus for 2021 was to look at; Where I’m placing my energy Erica Hefnault I listened and agreed, although I didn’t give the statement much…

January 16, 2021