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What do you do when life doesn’t go to plan? How do you cope?

November 8, 2020
When Life Doesn't go to Plan

“As you read this, my Hubby and I are taking a few days away to reconnect with each other.” That was my opening sentence of my last newsletter to subscribers back on October 18. Life has a habit of throwing curve balls and we never know what each day brings and when our strength will be tested.  I wanted to write this post because, you, my readers mean a great deal to me and although I don’t really have to…

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Me from A to L
Over 50s Lifestyle

Me from ‘A’ to ‘L’

You would think I had had enough of the alphabet with the AtoZ Challenge throughout April.  However, this week’s prompt from Denyse Whelan Blogs made me actually take time to consider words that would describe me.  We will be completing the alphabet in a…

May 7, 2018
'E' is for Embracing life
A to Z Guide to Thriving in Life

‘E’ is for Embracing Life

  So far in my A to Z Guide to Thriving in Life, I’ve discussed: Attitude and Auditing your life The Importance of Inner Beauty Conquering Change The benefits of Disconnection and unplugging from Technology If you have taken on board some the points…

April 5, 2018