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Over 50s Lifestyle WOTY 2023 - TIME

6 Reasons it’s TIME to Let go, Accept & Move Forward

January 11, 2023

TIME is my Word of the Year and as I reflect on what this means to me, I realise that there comes a TIME in our life where we need to live authentically. We need to let go, accept what has been and move forward to live well, be happy and contented. I recently shared my WOTY and how I wanted to use my TIME wisely in this New Year. However, if I continue to hold on to those things…

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Positive Energy
Discover Yourself

Where are you placing your energy?

Recently, during a conversation with my friend and fellow blogger, Erica from Behind the Scenery, she mentioned that her focus for 2021 was to look at; Where I’m placing my energy Erica Hefnault I listened and agreed, although I didn’t give the statement much…

January 16, 2021
How to live life on your terms
Discover Yourself Over 50s Lifestyle

How to live life on your terms

Do you hold back doing things in your life because you worry about what others might say?  Do you feel embarrassed to shine your light or follow your dream in case others don’t agree?  Do you hold back because you feel you might fail?…

September 20, 2020
What I want and letting go of what I don't
Discover Yourself

What I want and letting go of what I don’t

‘I want this’ is the prompt for ‘Life this Week’ with Denyse Whelan.  So I’m sitting at my computer thinking about what I want in particular and quite frankly, I’ve drawn a blank.  However, if you keep reading you will see that I did…

October 28, 2018
Thriving Requires Letting Go of the Lies
Over 50 & Thriving Series

Thriving Requires Letting Go of the Lies

I’ve written before about the Mean Girl, our inner critic, inside our head that whispers negativity and drags us down.  After a while we start to believer her and some of us just give up and never realise our dreams because we continue to…

September 13, 2018