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Self-Care in September – Part 4

September 29, 2019
Self-Care in September - Part 4

Self-Care in September has put the focus back on YOU and ways you can incorporate self-care into your everyday life. The final part in the series is about ‘DOING’ – creating morning and evening rituals, scheduling appointments for self-care and journaling your thoughts. If you have missed any of the weekly series you can catch up HERE Self-Care is more than just ‘bubble baths’ as a research study ‘ The experience of self-care: a systematic review ‘ conducted by the…

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#JournalinginJuly Challenge Week 2
#JournalingInJuly Over 50s Lifestyle

#JournalinginJuly Challenge Week 2

The focus or theme for #JournalinginJuly Challenge Week 2 prompts appeared to be ‘Favourites’.  I find it so difficult selecting what my favourite things are because they change depending on how I’m feeling or now that I’m older I look at things differently.  However,…

July 13, 2019