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5 ways to Find & Maintain Your Focus Every Day

June 28, 2021

It’s the last Monday in the month and time to set our goals, refocus and replan for the new month.  In this episode I discuss 5 ways you can find and maintain your focus each day to achieve your goal. In last week’s Micro Monday’s episode Part 2 of Self Sabotaging Behaviours I discussed the various behaviours which we exhibit and hold us back from achieving our goals. The point around Keeping Focus resonated with many listeners and readers and…

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Living a Vibrant Life
Over 50s Lifestyle

Living a Vibrant Life at any age

When you read this post, where do you find yourself? Are you having your morning coffee and wondering what you are going to do today? Are you dreaming of a life of travel and excitement? Do you wish you were healthier and had a…

October 22, 2020
Week 3 #JournalinginJuly Prompts
#JournalingInJuly Over 50s Lifestyle

Week 3 #JournalinginJuly Prompts

I’ve now completed two weeks of the #JournalinginJuly Challenge and I actually think I’m getting the hang of this journaling thing. Some prompts have still made me think and others I found the words just flowed and I could have written volumens. Again it…

July 14, 2019
4 ways to succeed through Emotional Agility

4 ways to succeed through Emotional Agility

What is the #1 reason why we fail to make positive changes in our life? Keep reading and I’ll reveal the answer and see if you guessed correctly. #Microsteppingingmay is all about working towards making change happen by taking small steps each day rather…

May 5, 2019