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Core Strength the foundation for Active Ageing

January 13, 2022
core strength

We hear about Core Strength and how it is important for a strong body but do you know what the Core is and how to strengthen it? Do you know why you need it? Your Core is more than just your Abs Your Core is made up of muscles in your abdomen, pelvic floor, lumbar spine and hip flexors and hip abductors.  It is surrounded by the abdomen, pelvis, lower back and diagphram so the term ‘Core’ shouldn’t be confused as just your ‘abs’.…

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Wrapping up November from the Gold Coast

For me, once we celebrate my son’s birthday on 20th November, I’m in the mood for the Festive Season. However, let’s wrap up November in a nice little package with a bow. I’m just selecting the highlights of the month from different areas in…

December 5, 2021
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What does Self-Care Mean to You?

This week’s prompt for #lifethisweek hosted by Denyse Whelan is ‘Self Care Stories’. Self care has become a bit of a buzz word over the last few years but it is still an important component for us to Live Well and Enjoy Life! On…

November 22, 2021
Over 50s Lifestyle

My September Highs, Lows & In-Betweens

Well September flew by and I’m sure for those in lockdown it is a little like Ground Hog Day. I’m fortunate to live in Queensland where we haven’t been in lockdown, although I see it coming as the positive case numbers start to grow.…

October 3, 2021