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How to recognise stress in your body & what you can do

June 9, 2021
How to find stress in your body

Stress is on the Rise for Women! An American Psychology study reported that Women are likely to report physical and emotional systems linked to their stress more so than men. Though they report similar average stress levels, women are more likely than men to report that their stress levels are on the rise. They are also much more likely than men to report physical and emotional symptoms of stress. My guest in conversation is Rachelle Ballard Clayton a qualified health,…

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Creating a self-care plan for life
Over 50s Lifestyle

Creating a Self-Care plan for life

The end of another year is fast approaching and we will be looking to a New Year and the usual resolutions. I stopped making Resolutions because for many of us our good intentions last a month, if we are lucky, and then fall by…

December 12, 2018