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Finding your Financial ‘G’ spot

July 8, 2021
Finding your Financial 'G' Spot with Vix Munro

How are your finances? Do you know what your Financial ‘G’ spot is? We discuss our health and well being and what we want to do in retirement, but sometimes the matter of finances gets put into the ‘too hard basket’ or because of divorce, job loss or business failure, midlife can become financially challenge for women.  It ever too late to start! My guest in Conversation on the Women Living Well Podcast, today is Vix Munro from Money Badassary.…

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Financially Fit in Retirement
Over 50s Lifestyle

Is Your Future Retirement Plan Financially Fit?

I’ve written about being Mentally Fit and Physically Fit in Retirement but will your Retirement be Financially Fit? You need to start planning now and not wait until you have retired – then it will be too late! Most of us don’t really thing…

September 25, 2015