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Celebration – 5 areas in life we should Celebrate daily

December 21, 2023

December, a month full of celebration both religious and secular. The time to celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious celebrations which I discovered in the blog post 12 religious holidays believers celebrate in December – Deseret News For me, I was raised in the Christian religion and so my family celebrate Christmas. Especially during this time of year, I stop to pause and think of the Christmas message which is about hope for the world – and couldn’t the world…

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Festive Season Baking Ideas

It is the Festive Season and for this time of year, I always love to try new recipes as well as traditional recipes. In my post, Festive baking reminds me of my Mum, I wrote about memories of growing up and Mum making the…

December 21, 2022
Over 50s Lifestyle

Loads of Colour, Festivities & Festive Baking

I’m well over halfway with my #bringmorecolourintoyourlife 100 day challenge and thank you to those who have been using the hashtag and participating. You can see Days 1 – 30 HERE. This week on #lifethisweek with Denyse Whelan the prompt is Share Your Snaps…

December 11, 2021
Festive Bon Bons Link Party
Festive Season Over 50s Lifestyle

The Festive Bon Bons Link Party

Welcome to the Festive Bon Bons Link Party, co-hosted by Deb from Deb’s World, Jo from And Anyways, Donna from Retirement Reflections and myself. Jo, came up with the idea of sharing our answers to ten questions about our Festive Seasons and Deb, Donna…

December 10, 2021
Micro Mondays

Reducing Your Festive Season Stress

In this week’s Micro Monday episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on ideas to reducing the stress leading up to and during the Festive Season. You may know all of these ideas but sometimes we just need to be reminded….. Listen to the Episode What…

December 6, 2021