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Decor Tips to Inspire Mindfulness at Home

June 25, 2019
Decor Tips to Inspire Mindfulness

From meditation to journaling to exercise, there are a handful of ways to practice mindfulness. It has become a large part of the wellness culture, as mental health and creating an intentional, mindful life are at the forefront of happiness. Mindfulness starts right at home, creating a space that inspires you daily. I recently wrote about creating a zen space at home to reduce stress, but Invaluable took it a step further, discussing ways in which you can adjust your…

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Zen Tip Tuesday

Need more Zen in your life? Live Simply

I pondered what to write for my contribution to Zen Tip Tuesday with Min from Write of the Middle, then my daughter sent me an email with a link to an article by James Clear and I found my topic for this week. I…

May 13, 2019