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#OctoberOverhaul Over 50s Lifestyle

Could you do a radical declutter of your life?

September 30, 2021
Sue at 64

During September, I read ‘Spring Clean for the Peach Queen’ by Sasha Walsey and what I thought was going to be a light read (which is was) actually gave me pause to stop and consider making some major changes which I’ve been tossing around for some time but haven’t been able to commit to. You can find the blurb of the book here on Goodreads but reading this book has certainly lit a spark inside me. This is from Goodreads:…

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Decor Tips to Inspire Mindfulness

Decor Tips to Inspire Mindfulness at Home

From meditation to journaling to exercise, there are a handful of ways to practice mindfulness. It has become a large part of the wellness culture, as mental health and creating an intentional, mindful life are at the forefront of happiness. Mindfulness starts right at…

June 25, 2019
Zen Tip Tuesday

Need more Zen in your life? Live Simply

I pondered what to write for my contribution to Zen Tip Tuesday with Min from Write of the Middle, then my daughter sent me an email with a link to an article by James Clear and I found my topic for this week. I…

May 13, 2019