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#JournalinginJuly Challenge Week 3

July 20, 2019
Journal Challenge Week 3

Another week of #JournalinginJuly has passed and I can certainly see how people struggle with journaling daily. For me this week, life threatened to disrupt my challenge but I managed to get some of my thoughts down, even though i was in danger of being stumped by some of the prompts. I kept asking myself ‘Why did I make these prompts so difficult?’ I’ve also not been as lengthy with my responses to the prompts but the challenge continues! Don’t…

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#JournalinginJuly Challenge Week 2
#JournalingInJuly Over 50s Lifestyle

#JournalinginJuly Challenge Week 2

The focus or theme for #JournalinginJuly Challenge Week 2 prompts appeared to be ‘Favourites’.  I find it so difficult selecting what my favourite things are because they change depending on how I’m feeling or now that I’m older I look at things differently.  However,…

July 13, 2019
#JournalingInJuly Over 50s Lifestyle

My Journaling Story

My next guest in the #JournalinginJuly series is author Molly Totoro. I’ve known Molly through blogging for some time. I knew that she was fond of journaling and has actually authored two books on the subject of journaling. However, I didn’t realise that jouraling…

July 10, 2019