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5 ways to stay connected with YOU

September 6, 2020
6 ways to stay connected to YOU

Staying connected in life means more than the obvious social connections. Studies have shown that staying connected with Family, Friends and your community brings many health benefits and is an important part of healthy ageing. COVID-19 has certainly taken it’s toll and now as we slowly begin to emerge from isolation, life is different but we can still be grounded and connected to help us navigate this new ‘normal’. That means re-evaluating your life, what you want and who you…

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How loneliness affects ageing well
Ageing Well Health & Wellness

Never Let Yourself Get Too Lonely

How loneliness affects ageing well Loneliness can be a huge problem for some especially after retirement when we can lose touch with friends and work colleagues. It is a huge adjustment from working full time surrounded by people to days that perhaps have no…

August 15, 2019