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5 ways to start appreciating yourself & start thriving

August 19, 2018

Recently I asked the question: How do you rate your self worth? I received many comments from readers who, like me, struggle with appreciating and valuing themselves as unique and special.  However, we can all improve the way we view ourselves, so I’d like to share 5 easy ways to help you get started. 5 ways to start appreciating yourself & start thriving 1. The importance of self love Self love is not wrong but important in accepting who we…

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My Midlife Journey
Over 50s Lifestyle

My Midlife Journey – Be Courageous

Guest writer #4 in my Midlife Matters Series is Karen from One Salty Kiss.  I first met Karen through a blogging group called Have Your Cupcake and immediately loved her approach to midlife.  A love of being active is something we share, although Karen…

July 5, 2016
overcoming self doubt
Discover Yourself

Self Doubt – Don’t let it stand in your way

I think I’ve always suffered from self doubt.  The feeling of not being good enough.  I don’t believe I’m alone feeling this way, in fact, I believe everyone experiences self doubt. It is your choice whether you choose to push through your feelings or…

May 24, 2015