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What was on my plate during August? A Birthday Celebration

September 1, 2021
Sue at 64

I love birthdays and look forward to mine each year. I am so very grateful that not only am I surrounded by love from my family and friends BUT I can actually visit them as here in Queensland we aren’t suffering under the COVID lockdowns that our friends in NSW and Victoria are. At 10:30pm on 23rd August, 1957, Susan Irene Roberts was born, weighing in at 5lb 3oz. As I wrote in a recent post 64 seemed ancient when…

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Nonna celebrates 90 years
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Our Nonna Celebrates 90 years!

Nonna, my mother-in-law has a birthday today and she is 90!!!  Her name is Luisa but everyone and I mean everyone, family, friend or acquaintance calls her Nonna, which means Grandmother in Italian. Nonna came to Australia 64 years ago with her husband Frank,…

June 21, 2016